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Margo Gontar- music video

In July Margo got in touch with me, she is from Ukraine, she liked my last film. Next to being a very talented indie/ pop-sync musician, Margo is also: a hardworking journalist. She really made the impression on me, and I decided: yes, I will do a music video for her. So much politics in Ukraine, war.... I wish everybody there was finally free to do what they wish. Lottie Bowater, accompanied me on this one with her camera, and the patience assistance. Sooting happend in August. September and October ( now), I am in the post production with it. I still have lots to edit, next to the publication, and the paid work, and the personal life. It is kind of hectic, but also managable. Good thing is, I almost finished with the pubucation, so soon I can crack on with this in few days. Fingerst crossed. I am totally inspired this days!